GCSE maths shouldn't be something to worry about.

Reduce anxiety with our easy to use app!

Does any of this sound familiar?

Looking at the test paper and not knowing what to write.

Having too many notes and not knowing where to start.

One word answers in the back of the book that make no sense.

Mum and dad can’t help with homework.

Seeing others in class who seem to find maths so easy.

At Flow Mathematics we help you

Start getting good at maths

Revise smarter in less time

Reach your potential

Flow Mathematics

Helping students go from anxious and frustrated to savvy and prepared.

We understand how it feels to worry about the future. Passing exams and gaining qualifications is becoming increasingly important and no child should have to feel anxious about their learning.

“Flow Mathematics has helped me go from a Grade 2 to a Grade 6 in less than a year just by using it once a week. It has really given me a positive mindset and attitude.”

Ben W. Student

How we help you

Benefits of being in the flow state

If you’ve had bad experiences with maths it’s not your fault. It’s because the work set didn’t get you into the psychological state of flow.


This is the state of high focus when a task is not too difficult that it becomes frustrating, but not so easy that it’s boring. It’s the sweet spot where the level of challenge is just right.


It’s like climbing a ladder where the gaps between the steps are close together, rather than far apart!

Our easy learning plan

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Study for 1-2 hours per week

See your confidence improve

“I would recommend the app – as a parent I have found my son concentrates more as it is interactive and engaging him all the time.”

Belin F. Parent

Our no frustration agreement

At Flow Mathematics, we want learning to be smooth and enjoyable. We don’t want you getting frustrated being stuck on questions without understanding where the answer came from. That’s why we offer unique hints for all questions and clearly explain the answers showing exactly what to do to get full marks.

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“Flow Mathematics transforms your understanding of maths. The app has made Maths a truly fun and engaging subject that I always look forward to practising, while I have also improved significantly in my school tests”

Christina R. Student

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