Exhausted by lockdown? Worried about how school closures are impacting your child's future?

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As a result

Greater focus

No more frustration battling with them to study.

Reduced anxiety

Your child will feel more in control of their learning.

More confidence

They will have more self belief in other areas of life.

We feel your pain

Motivating teenagers is hard. When they are finding excuses not to revise, it’s easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed. It’s also totally normal to worry about how this will impact your child’s future. You’re not a bad parent and you’re definitely not alone.


As teachers here at Flow Mathematics, we’ve helped hundreds of parents just like you motivate their teenagers without feeling like they are being pushy.

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Boost their concentration, reduce your tiredness and help them take control of their future!

Maths anxiety is affecting more and more students.

Flow Mathematics uses clever psychology to help them revise smarter, worry less and get better results.