We are here to support your child with maths


Maths is a tough subject. It’s hard to know how to revise and private tuition isn’t for everybody.


Does any of this sound familiar?


1. Your child has an important exam to prepare for.

2. They’ve had a bad test result and have lost confidence.

3. There are particular topics that they find difficult.

4. You’re concerned that they are falling behind.

5. They haven’t had good or consistent maths teachers.



💡Did you know?💡

The vast majority of UK parents feel that they can’t help their son or daughter with maths because it’s been so long since they last studied it.



How Flow Mathematics can help


We support your child by targeting the specific areas of maths that they need to learn.

We build confidence by starting with simple examples and progressing to challenging exam style questions.

We strive everyday to make our explanations clearer and our methods easier to understand.

We’ve made our website easy to use and way more interesting than a textbook. 

We have everything in one place and go into more detail than elsewhere.




Maths opens doors!

Lots of great careers need and use maths skills.



What do I get?


Full access to our main app containing thousands of carefully written questions across all GCSE topics.

A tool that identifies all gaps in your child’s knowledge and builds them a plan of lessons to work through at the click of a button.

Over 140 lessons, first starting with simple examples and building up to challenging exam style questions.

Hints and handwritten answers to all questions explaining the full method.



 We have you covered 

Flow Mathematics covers the whole curriculum for students aged 11-16 and is suitable for all GCSE exam boards.


🎓Our research has shown that as little as one hour per week is proven to boost confidence and improve results.🎓



But why just listen to us?

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Most people spend more on coffee each week.