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Use our Revision Guide to target the specific areas of maths that you need to learn. We help you build a plan of lessons to get the grade you deserve at the click of a button.



⭐ Let’s see an example 


On the main app homepage, click Revision Guide, select your exam and then choose your target grade.



E.g., selecting GCSE Higher and then grade 5 shows all the grade 5 topics that can be on the Higher paper.



Use the left hand side to show typical exam questions from each topic. E.g., Combining ratios.



The green answer button gives handwritten answers showing you the full method.



If you need to learn this topic, then click the Add to My Lessons button at the bottom. This will add the combining ratios lesson to your My Lessons page.



⭐And that’s it!⭐

Combining ratios is now saved in your list of lessons to revise. Going through all topics will give you a complete revision list to help get your target grade.



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