One main app


Full access to our main app containing thousands of carefully written questions across all topics.


In more detail 


Over 140 lessons, first starting with simple examples and building up to challenging exam style questions.


The result of 3 years work writing over 10,000 questions, which we constantly test with students around the world.


All questions come with hints to help you and and handwritten answers explaining the full method.



Other features 

⭐ Background knowledge checked 


Popups at the start of each lesson ask background knowledge questions and direct you where to revise if necessary.


We make sure you can walk before you run.




An interactive revision guide


Our Revision Guide shows exactly what can be on the exam and lets you build a personal plan of lessons to work through at the click of a button.


Learn what you need to learn and not what the rest of the class is taught.





Flow Mathematics covers the whole curriculum for students aged 11-16 and is suitable for all GCSE exam boards.


🎓Our research has shown that as little as one hour per week is proven to boost confidence and improve results.🎓





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